[coin]Welcome to the Cashvantage Fundraising Program, an initiative to help non-profit organisations raise funds while rewarding donators.


Cashvantage Business Participants are those businesses that wish to attract new customers by offering discounts to increase their turnover. You may to choose to offer discounts on distressed stock or services such as filling that vacant table in a cafe or restaurant.

People really enjoy discounts. Often a mere 10% discount, or buy one get one free offer, will bring customers and clients back for more, time and time again.

Cashvantage has the advantage of targeting your products and services to those who are most interested in buying. Cashvantage cardholders are always looking to get more out of life by seeking out the activities, products, and services that are the best value for money.

You too can take advantage of our growing client-base, simply by becoming a valued Cashvantage Participating Business.

Promotional and Marketing Advantages

  • Be part of your favourite organisations Cashvantage Fundraising experience
  • No need for coupons
  • Encourages support of local businesses

Cashvantage Business Participators will be able to sign up soon — stay tuned!