[coin]Welcome to the Cashvantage Fundraising Program, an initiative to help non-profit organisations raise funds while rewarding donators.

Frequently Asked Questions about being a Cashvantage Fundraiser (Not-for-Profit)

Q. Why join the Cashvantage Fundraising Program?

A. All not-for-profit organisations need to undertake some form of fundraising activities in order to support their activities. Whilst there are a number of fundraising programs in the market place most are labour intensive require inventory checks with modest returns. The Cashvantage Fundraising has the advantage of limited volunteer involvement, no stock control and provides a high financial return that is sustainable on a yearly basis. It’s a win/win program that returns something to all parties.

Q. Who is Cashvantage Fundraising?

A. Cashvantage is wholly owned Australian company that has over 10 years experience with negotiating and offering discounts to activities, attractions, tours, restaurants, retail, health and beauty and accommodation. We work in conjunction with Affordable Holidays Vacation Club

Q. Does it cost anything to join?

A. No. As a participant you will be asked to sign a partnership agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of both parties.

Q. What are our requirements as a participating organisation?

A. Consultant from Cashvantage Fundraising will discuss with you a ways of marketing the product to your membership. This may be in the form of E-Newsletter, brochures, displays or having a presence at forums or events you may be conducting.

Q. How much money is returned to our organisation?

A. The return to you is based on the number of memberships sold. For example 20 sales will result in a return of $800, sales of 100 returns $5,000, 200 sales returns $10,000 and so on. The good news is that as your members renew their cards in 12 months time we will forward to you a cash return based on these same examples. This is truly a sustainable financial income for your organisation.

Q. What are the advantages to our members / supporters becoming a Cashvantage Fundraising Member?

A. Your members / supporters will receive a complementary Affordable Holidays Vacation Club Voucher that offers savings of over $150 at most of the 450+ participating resorts, the Cashvantage Fundraising Card which gives them access to savings all year round and the knowing that they have made a financial contribution to your organisation.

Q. Will our members be contacted by other organisations?

A. No. The agreement ensures that all marketing to supporters is on an agreed basis. The protection of our database is guaranteed.

Q. How long will it take for our organisation to receive monies?

A. Monies are forwarded directly to your nominated bank account on a monthly basis. An authorised representative from your organisation will have administration access via the Cashvantage Fundraising website.