[coin]Welcome to the Cashvantage Fundraising Program, an initiative to help non-profit organisations raise funds while rewarding donators.

Frequently Asked Questions about Supporting a Fundraiser

Q. What are the advantages to becoming a Cashvantage Fundraising Member?

A. You will receive a complementary Affordable Holidays Vacation Club Voucher that offers savings of over $150 at most of the 450+ participating resorts, a Cashvantage Card which gives you access to savings all year round, and the knowledge that you have made a contribution of up to $50 to your favourite not-for-profit organisation.

Q.Who is Cashvantage Fundraising?

A. Cashvantage is a 100% Australian-owned company that has over 10 years experience with negotiating and offering discounts on activities, attractions, tours, restaurants, retail, health and beauty, and accommodation. We work in conjunction with the Affordable Holidays Vacation Club.

Q. How do I use my Vacation Club holiday voucher?

A. The Affordable Holidays Vacation Club web site lists over 450 holiday resorts. Once you have chosen your holiday destination simply phone our Hotcotz reservations team on 1300 468 268. Our experienced and friendly staff will attend to your booking and answer any specific questions you may have.

Q. Where can I use my Cashvantage Fundraising Card?

A. Once you have completed the online registration process simply go to your desired destination and browse the discounts available. There are over 1000 businesses offering discounts from 10% to 50%.

Q. Do I have to take a voucher to receive my Cashvantage Card discount?

A. No simply show your Cashvantage Fundraising Card. You can print them and take them with you on holidays. It is advisable to check all the terms and conditions as offers may vary.

Q. How do I choose which not-for-profit organisation receives my contribution?

A. When you register as a Cashvantage Fundraising Supporter you will be asked to nominate a not-for-profit organisation that you wish to support. Simply choose from the menu provided.

Q. What happens if I choose to support a different not-for profit organisation when I renew my card in 12 months time?

A. No problem. In fact, it will be quite normal for members to support different worthwhile causes at different times. Simply choose your favourite organisation option from the menu upon renewal of your card.

Q. How long will it take for the not-for-profit organisation to receive my contribution?

A. Monies are forwarded on a monthly basis to all participating not-for-profit organisations. The organisation will know of your contribution.