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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did I receive a cashvantage card?
Affordable Holidays has purchased cashvantage cards to distribute free, for the first 12 months, to all its new Vacation Club members. There is no cost to an Affordable Holidays client for this card for the first 12 months.

Who is cashvantage?
Cashvantage is a wholly owned Australian company that provides discounts to its cardholders. While the business and trademark have only recently been registered the organisation has over 10 years experience with negotiating and offering discounts to activities, attractions, tours and restaurants.

Will cashvantage be provided free from anyone else?
In the future, yes, but Affordable Holidays is the first company to provide the cashvantage card free to its members.

What type of discounts & offers will be available?
The number or type of places where discounts or special offers will be available will increase each week. The first areas that will be available will be the Sunshine Coast & Gold Coast. Our aim is to initially save you cash at attractions, activities, restaurants and tours where Affordable Holidays members are likely to be holidaying.

How much of a discount will be available?
The discounts available will differ from place to place, but our experience is that businesses will offer between 10% and 50% for our cardholders. We understand that many Vacation Club members will spend as much money on holiday activities as they do on their accommodation. The cashvantage card aims to provide cash savings all over town to add to the Affordable Holidays Experience without the Expense.

Do I need to print and present a voucher to access the offers at each outlet?
No, most offers will be available by just presenting your cashvantage card at the participating activity, attraction, restaurant or tour. However, some places have requested that cardholders provide a printed copy of the voucher. These places are marked clearly when you search each region or category. The search and print functions on our web site are designed to make it easy for you to print all your possible holiday activities to take with you.

In what currency will online purchases be transacted?
All online transactions will be charged in Australian Dollars (AUD $).

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